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Carpenter bee traps, Twin pack

Carpenter bee traps, Twin pack

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These awesome bee traps have 3 holes for the bees and a key hole on the back so you can hang them on the post of a fence or flat on a wall. They will have a solid eye hook in the top and a brand new Ball mason jar.  (these jar are DOUBLE bubble wrapped in our best effort’s of safe arrival but there has been some ruff handling of the USPS)  IF THERE IS ANY BROKEN GLASS OR DAMAGE DON’T WORRY, each package has a $100 insurance to back your purchase!!!  Hang them in your locations where they fly or near locations of where they have board Holes.

We are a small family having fun together making something that’s going to help you like they helped us.  Me and my two amazing kids have helped make these so you are helping me keep them employed, they need money for toys!!!  AND As Emmalyn says “ you should buy four because it’s more than two” HAHA. Thanks for stopping by :D


disclaimer*** these traps are natural untreated wood. This wood is kiln dried and should be at or close to it’s final resting point of drying out. All wood expands and contracts with the humidity in the air and with that there is alway chance of new cracks. Almost never will these cracks cause a problem that you’ll need to worry about. These traps are dried out wood and subject to splintering so be careful while handling. Do not attempt to place your finger in the holes or you could get stuck or get a splinter. The lid screwed to the bottom has sharp edges so do not touch or place finger inside center hole.

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